I had a cooktop delivered and, unfortunately, I had measured our cooktop cut-out a quarter of an inch off; our depth was too short.

I called 8 different companies, seeing if anyone would cut a quarter inch off already-installed quartz, before I got to Marlon. One quoted me almost $400; most said they wouldn't or couldn't do it. I called Veterans Marble and Granite, and Marlon was able to come out within an hour.

He was so kind, super professional, and able to cut the countertop to fit the new cooktop. Once he realized that our cabinets below were also a little bit crooked and would have prevented the new cooktop from sitting fully in the cut-out, he also made necessary modifications to our cabinet as well.

We will definitely use him again in the future, and will tell everyone we know about him and his wonderful character and excellent workmanship.
Brittney G.
Alexandria, VA

I happened to stumble upon the Veterans Marble and Granite website after two years of vainly searching for a contractor who would at least talk to me about the repairs and installation work we needed on our granite counters. After talking with the owner, Marlon, on the phone and explaining our problem, he came to our house the next work day. We had two major problems for him to assess: the largest section of granite in the kitchen had shifted away from the wall and dropped nearly an inch; and our under the counter sink had never been correctly installed and required that we routinely replace the chalk that had been used to fill in the space between the sink top and the under side of the granite. The irregular shaped sink itself also had 19 years of heavy scratches and stains and needed replacement. A replacement for the same shaped sink was no longer being produced leaving us no choice but to recut the granite to accommodate a new sink. Marlon told us that he definitely could reposition and stabilize the slipped granite slab and recut the adjoining center slab, but because the hole was so large and irregular shaped, we agreed that it was best to install a top mounted sink. Marlon research and found a suitable one bowl stainless steel sink which would require new plumbing of the food disposal and drain. Within a week Marlon and his assistant craftsman returned with the sink and completed all the work the same day which also included installing a new faucet and the cleaning, re-caulking, and polishing of all counter and island granite. The finished work was beautiful, and the work site was left clean and ready for use. The total cost for the sink and installation, granite repositioning and stabilizing, and cleaning, caulking and polishing of the granite was only $1500. Look no further if you have a granite or marble problem in your home. Marlon and his team are the experienced pros that will take on repair and replacement work that most contractors won't even consider.

John S.
Manassas, VA

Marlon is amazing. He gave us a great price and did fantastic work. Like other reviews point out, he is incredibly responsive, kind and patiently explained the process to me. He also worked hard to accommodate our ridiculously tight schedule, as my wife was getting tired of not having a kitchen.

We had a kitchen that hadn't been updated since the 70's and a limited budget with which to drag it into the modern era. Marlon sends you straight to his supplier's warehouse so you're not looking at a 2x2 inch square in a showroom - you actually get to see the slab. That's way easier than trying to imagine "Ok, what if this sample were 50x bigger..." Best of all, unlike some contractors, Marlon doesn't charge a middle-man fee on the surface you pick. You only pay materials and labor. No mysterious service charges or convenience fees.

And, for what it's worth, he seems like a really good guy. As the name of the company implies, he's a purple heart veteran of a war I watched on TV in 2nd grade. So if you like: A) Supporting veterans; B) Fantastic cost/value ratios; C) a contractor that doesn't disappear or act like he's doing you a favor by working for you, hire Marlon.
Ronnie C.
Herndon, VA

Marlon did a great job on our kitchen, he met and exceeded all expectations.

His prompt responses to emails , texts are a huge plus in the communication category. There is NOTHING worse than a contractor who doesn't communicate, I am so THANKFUL he is not one of those guys....

Top quality results and top notch customer service and pricing is just right.

That's a winning combo in all categories.
Norman C.
Loudoun, VA

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